• We’ve got great masters managing any new products/items, from designing to sampling and to mass production. A sophisticated quality control team is consisted in our team, to make sure all our products are perfect before they are put in the box to ship overseas.
  • We also have experienced crew members in our team to deal with all the vendors following through production, handling from order-taking to shipping.
  • We have developed well coordinated factories/ suppliers in the past 8 years, since the establishment of our company.
  • Our client group:

    North America (America and Canada)

    New Zealand



Comfortable sofa sleeper

A sleeper sofa is one of the trickiest furniture purchases you can make because you want it to be comfortable to sit on, but also to sleep on.

Our wide choices of sofa sleeper ranges from comfortable modern piece to classical, savvy, compact-designed pieces. All comes in an affordable price. Sleepers with a wooden frame are kiln-dried and treated to remove moisture from the wood, making-sure that our products are crack and warp-proof.


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